Avelino Contemporary Glass Sculpture in cinnamon

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Avelino contemporary glass sculpture in cinnamon by Bernard Katz

Avelino contemporary glass sculpture in cinnamon

The graceful sweep of the Avelino evokes many figurative interpretations from this contemporary glass sculpture.

This horizontally placed glass form has a small element of opaque cinnamon glass color in the bottom curve.

This sculpture has been cold worked and sandblasted creating the translucent effect.

A custom made metal stand is included.

shown in cinnamon color

size: 27″ x 13″ x 7″




  1. Wow Bernard, that is really beautiful. I’m not one who is much up on art but I know when something is beautiful and when it’s not. That’s just so nice. So unique in it’s shape. Wow!!! That’s about all I can muster up!

    • Adrienne, Thank you so much for your compliment! As you can see, I have added comment Luv based on your great post. I will be checking your blog regularly for more great insightful posts!

      • You are so very welcome and I did notice that you have CommentLuv, bravo Bernard. Now other people will see your posts and follow you back over here to your place too! Yeah! More people can see your beautiful work.

        See you again soon my new friend.


  2. Wonderful piece of art!