Monolito Series

The Monolito Sculpture Series shares many of the attributes with the Melange Series

However, the scale of these glass forms have been designed with smaller space requirements in mind.

Monolito forms are available individually or in custom sculptural configurations. Shown below are some examples of forms and colors on our custom made wooden shelves that have incorporated LED lighting that creates a wall sconce back lighting effect.

Custom designs can be created with combinations of forms and colors for a variety display environments.

more about Monolito Series

On the website, we currently only have photographs showing the Monolito sculpture forms displayed on our custom LED incorporated lighted wall shelves.

However, we have found that the Monolito forms have been extremely popular without the lighted wall shelves. Our clients, customers, and galleries have stated that they like the smaller sculptural forms that share similar attributes with the Melange series, but can be displayed in smaller spaces.

Custom groupings can be created for many different environment display needs. A two piece set to perhaps a twelve piece array, we can create just the right one-of-a-kind sculptural glass montage for your space.