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Over 25 years of professional experience creating hand blown glass

About us

Bernard Katz employs a wide range of techniques to create his contemporary art glass sculpture.

Bernard is often asked about his inspiration for his artwork. Earlier works of art from the Tree & Root Series along with the Foliage Vessels referenced objects found in the natural world.

In recent years, Katz’s hand blown glass artwork has transformed from decorative vases and vessels to more sculptural forms. The Melange Series is a prime example in this artistic direction.

What We Do

Highlighting the work by American artist and sculptor – Bernard Katz.

We design and create hand-blown art glass and contemporary glass sculpture for galleries, art consultants, design trade, and private collections worldwide.

Our projects include one-of-a-kind work for small and large scale public and private glass art installations.

Bernard Katz Glass is a premier hot glass studio and gallery located in the historic Manayunk section of Philadelphia, PA USA.

News and Events

Read about the latest news and features from our glass studio and gallery.

Explore Our Blog and Videos for tips about handmade glass and art… Along with articles about the inspiration and influences behind making our glass sculpture. Bernard writes about the creative process in such posts as Can’t Draw a Straight Line,  Is This Piece Perfect?, and Is it Art or Craft?

See our new guide about the different Types of Glass Art and the common ways in which they are made.

Our Lighting Art Guide gives great tips on how to light art glass.

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