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Articles and videos for helpful ‘How-to’ tips and information about hand-blown glass, glass art, and glass sculpture.
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How to Light Art Glass | Lighting Art Guide

How to light art glass, artwork, and glass sculpture is a question we often asked. We created a video and guide explaining the different types of light sources, and ways to use them to help you display your art in the best possible light… read more
types of glass art-Bernard Katz close-up working hot glass sculpture with diamond shears

Types of Glass Art

The types and categories found in glass art are formed basically by “How it was made”. The techniques and processes an artist uses to make contemporary art glass are often used in describing the artwork… read more

Cleaning Glass Artwork

Cleaning glass artwork can be simple and straightforward. However, I have some tips to consider to help prevent possible damage while cleaning hand blown glass art…

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Repairing Glass Tips

People contact us often about repairing glass. They figure since we make hand blown glass, repairing glass would be a simple thing for us to do. However, most repairs are rarely simple…

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Potato in Glass

Dipping a potato in a hot glass furnace may seem like an odd thing to do. This is actually an old glass factory trick…

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Custom Hand Blown Glass

Custom hand blown glass is something we do. Creating custom work can be fun and interesting… And at times, the creative process for custom work can lead to other ideas to explore in our glass sculpture…

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Shipping Art Glass Sculpture

Packaging and shipping hand blown art glass sculpture may seem like an afterthought to some… However, making sure your art work has arrived unbroken does take some special care…

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3 Ways To Tell If Glass Art Is Valuable

3 ways to tell if your glass art is valuable… There may be more ways, but most likely there are less. Attaching a value to art in general is very tricky. The price of art compared to its value can be very different…

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Stand Placement video

Quick video instructions for stand placement of selected glass sculptures, the Avelino, the Caladesi, and the Montara. Proper placement of the glass on the custom made metal stands is easy, but important to insure the work is secure. If you have any questions about...

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