Packaging and shipping hand blown art glass sculpture may seem like an afterthought to some. However, making sure your art work has arrived unbroken does take some special care.

We are often asked by customers about how we will ship their newly acquired glass sculpture. They may express concern about possible damage during shipping… After all it is glass and glass can be fragile.

Shipping art glass sculpture Bernard Katz

Each piece we make has unique qualities in size and shape. This can make properly packing our work for shipping a challenge. Because we have years of experience in shipping hand blown art glass all over the world, we understand how to safely and efficiently package our work for transit to your location.

Why can it take a long time to package our work?

The amount of time it takes to prepare and expertly pack our glass work can vary greatly depending on the piece.

Shipping companies such as United Parcel Service (UPS) have strict guidelines we need to adhere to.

We always ‘insure’ our work with our shipping carriers, adhering to their insurance guidelines.

International shipping can also present an array of rules and regulations for shipments to other countries. Our experience shipping to international destinations has allowed us to make this process as smooth as possible.

Shipping Art Glass Sculpture Video

In this video, we show an entertaining quick view of Bernard packing a Trans Bolinas glass sculpture for shipping. Real time for preparing and packing this particular piece can be 20-30 minutes. Other glass sculptures can take as long as an hour to ready for shipping.

An hour may seem like a long time to package some of our art work… But making sure our work arrives safely to you is very important.

By Bernard Katz

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