Chalice Root

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Blown sculptural glass vessel, the Chalice Root shown in sunset salmon is created by Bernard Katz

Chalice Root in sunset salmon

When it comes to an art glass sculptural vessel by Bernard Katz, the Chalice Root is unequaled.  Combining the illusion of organic growth with a structured form, demonstrates both the fluid yet controlled world of glass blowing.

Often asked, “Are the dark colored vines or branch like parts glass?” Yes, the Chalice Root is all glass. The three dimensional elements are applied during the final stages in the hot blowing process. Like most of the work we do, blowing the piece is just the start. It then begins its long journey through the cold working process of masking, sandblasting, grinding, etching, and finishing applications. Finally, the Bernard Katz signature.

shown in sunset salmon

size: 11.5″ x 10.5″