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Glass sculpture by Bernard Katz Glass in Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia Fountain Restaurant


We are proud to announce that the glass sculpture by Bernard Katz is being exhibited at the Fountain Restaurant located in the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia.

Since the Fountain Restaurant is considered one of the city’s – and the country’s – best restaurants, we were honored to be asked to have our artwork represented in such a legendary place.

Knowing the long standing reputation of this Philadelphia landmark, and knowing that our glass artwork would play an integral part in creating an ambiance that is expected by their clientele, we knew the choices for the work would be critical.

We were contacted by the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia because they felt that Bernard ‘s work and glass sculptures would be ideal for what they wanted to contribute to an already exquisite atmosphere.   We appreciated their trust in allowing us to design and create from concept to completion the sculptural glass for the Fountain Restaurant.

Our approach

The design and selection of the work revolved around the idea of “communication”.  The sharing of a meal together can be a fundamental foundation to evoke communication between people.  This narrative is the essence behind Bernard ‘s one-of-a-kind sculpture.

Glass sculpture by Bernard Katz Glass in Fountain Restaurant entrance way

“Salinas Trio” in Fountain Restaurant entrance

About the work

A piece such as the “Shima“, which is Navajo for mother and Child, was essential for inclusion in this project.  Not only do the glass forms create a soft spoken interaction, but the “tea” color works seamlessly into the restaurants ‘s dark wood environment.

The soft translucent sandblasted forms of the “Melange Series Trio #1” are comprised of a butterscotch aurora and amber yellow.  These colors give a subtle ‘pop’ of color to the room.

The scale of the work was another consideration.  Maintaining a subtle privacy between areas of the room and openness when desired was accomplished by having key works at certain height levels.

The interactions between the blown glass forms create interesting focal points.  However, the simplicity within the forms gives the restaurant a contemporary feel without alienating its traditional roots.

Every step of the way…

Not that I am trying to write a review of the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia and Fountain Restaurant, but working with the people and staff on this project was an absolute pleasure.  If they treat their guest and clientele as well as they treated us, then it is no wonder that they have such a stellar reputation.

We could not have picked a better “canvas” to incorporate our work then the Fountain Restaurant.  We hope that others will feel the same.

By Bernard Katz and Katie Katz

Bernard Katz Glass sculpture displayed in the Fountain Restaurant Philadelphia

“Melange Series Trio 1”


Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia Fountain Restaurant glass sculpture by Bernard Katz titled Palos Melange Trio

“Palos Melange Trio”


Bernard Katz Glass sculpture titled "Shidoni" located in the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia Fountain Restaurant



Fountain Restaurant glass sculpture by Bernard Katz Glass titled "Santo Melange"

“Santo Melange”



Photography by Addison Geary



















  1. What a gorgeous grouping of your work Bernard. Congratulations to you and Katie.

    • Thanks Robin, quite a compliment from a fellow glass artist.

  2. Great article Katie and fantastic display of Bernard’s work. Kudos.

    • Appreciate your feedback and glad that you like the article and the artwork, now you need to visit so we can dine together at the Fountain Restaurant.

  3. More magnificent work provided by Bernard Katz.
    Once again the Four Seasons Hotel illustrates its uncommon and flawless taste and appreciation for unparalleled quality.

    • Thank you Donna for such kind words, we appreciate your support!

  4. These works are beautiful. “Shima” and “Shidoni” are my favorites. Always wishing both of you continued success.

    • Hi Betty, Thank you very much for your thoughts and support!

    • Thank you for your wonderful compliment Betty!