When I engage with people as they looking at my glass work and sculpture, I find it interesting how quickly they will attach a personal experience to what they are looking at.

This is great.  This is what I want.  Which is why, when asked, if the narrative they are describing are my intentions, I am cautious about stealing away their point of view.

Gorgas Park playground Roxborough Manayunk section of Philadelphia

People are more drawn into things when they are able to attach a personal narrative or experience to an object. This is how I know that I struck a cord with someone.

Personal attachment

Sometimes the personal attachment can be as simple as “I like that color” or “I like that because it reminds me of …”.

Sometimes the personal attachment can be negative as in ” I hate that color” or I don’t like that because it reminds me too much of (insert negative experience here)”.

End of the day

Am I happy with a good response?  Well, sure.  Do I take a negative response personally?  No, because at the end of the day, good or bad, it’s your personal experience not mine that makes the connection for yourself.

Maybe that is part of what art is.

– Bernard Katz

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