Art vs. Craft – part two


In part one of Art vs. Craft; I covered what craft is considered to be when working in mediums like glass or wood.

I have been making what some people refer to as art glass and art glass sculpture for quite some time now. As an artist, sculptor, designer, and glass blower most of my life, I have seen and heard the word “art” used and attributed to more things than almost any other word I know… but what makes something art, or what is sometimes called “fine art“?

Fine art concept gives longevity Shima sculpture drawing

 Fine Art – Concept gives Longevity.

  • Fine art is an idea or thought that is represented visually.
  • Fine art will journey further, intellectually and emotionally, past purely decorative objects.
  • What something is about or represents for the artist or viewer becomes the greater reason for its existence.

You might as well throw your concept in the garbage…

This has always been something that has bothered me – great concept, but poor execution.

An example would be someone wanting to share their experience they had seeing an incredible and unusual sunset. However, as they are showing you really bad photos of this unusual sunset, you can’t figure out what is going on in the pictures!

They end up saying something along the lines of, “Well, I guess you should have been there”.

Well… I wasn’t there, and I can’t appreciate your unusual sunset because the photos are so crappy.   This is where the lack of technique kills the concept.

Fine Art is like horseshoes and hand grenades.

If the execution and craftsmanship is “close enough”, then fine art expects the viewer to work harder to fill in the blanks while trying to find or appreciate the concept.

That, at times, is the arrogance found in the world of fine art.

by Bernard Katz

part three:

 When Craft becomes Art


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