The inspiration in art and in my own artwork, primarily in my glass sculpture, has for me been a tricky question.  Why?

Probably the top question besides, “What is it?” that is often asked of an artist, would be, “What is your inspiration?”

Whether it is a person writing an article about my artwork, or a curious person just making light conversation… I have had to answer that question countless times.

Inspiration in art infinity symbol

It’s not that I don’t want to answer it, or that I don’t have an answer.  The question can be tricky because people generally want a short concise answer… but the reality about inspiration is that the answer is much more vast and complex.

Vast and Complex?

Not only is inspiration vast and complex, but it’s ever changing and evolving.  What inspired me when I was a kid is far different from the inspiration I find now.

Inspiration is vast and complex because…

  • Inspiration is now
  • Inspiration is yesterday
  • Inspiration is the smell
  • Inspiration is the touch
  • Inspiration is love
  • Inspiration is the anger
  • Inspiration is the pain
  • Inspiration is the belief
  • Inspiration is the thought
  • Inspiration can be big
  • Inspiration can be small
  • Inspiration can be one moment
  • Inspiration can be many moments
  • Inspiration is all around you
  • Inspiration can’t be forced
  • Inspiration just happens
  • Inspiration may not be convenient

Inspiration is just there… there and everywhere.

Inspiration is rarely just one thing, but many things… maybe all things.

You see… the art of inspiration, or the inspiration in art is everything.

Every experience a person has had in their life become doors for inspiration.

I know that no one wants this answer for that question, but that’s the real answer.  However, in a future article I will narrow down some of my inspirations and the things that have contributed to the inspiration behind some of my glass sculpture.

by Bernard Katz


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  • Part three – Henry Moore Influence

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