Pine Vase gold topaz color hand-blown glass

Bernard Katz was inspired by the pine forest surroundings while living in the Pacific Northwestern part of the United States.

The trees in the distance appeared to have a silhouette quality when view at dusk.

Each glass vase is hand blown and extensively cold worked.

The Pine Vase has a layer of transparent color on the inside with a dark layer of color on the outside. The outer layer has been sandblasted to reveal the inner color.

shown in topaz color

size: 14″ tall

available in jade, sunset salmon, blue, and amethyst


Pine Vase jade color hand-blown glass

Pine Vase jade

Pine Vase reddish-amethyst color hand-blown glass
Pine Vase reddish-amethyst
Pine Vase 4 color group glass vases
Pine Vase group

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