Senado glass sculpture yellow amber color

Senado glass sculpture is a composition comprised of two handblown glass forms. A soft visual rolling movement guides the eye throughout the sculpture.

The visual movement is kept contained by the deliberate posture of the glass forms. The viewer may see a landscape unfolding… Or the viewer may see a figurative interaction at play.

The imagination of the viewer is what completes the story.

Senado glass sculpture side view

The glass pieces display yellow-gold and amber hues. These colors aid in the visual bond found within the artwork.

Senado is a contemporary one-of-a-kind glass sculpture.

This artwork is hand blown and extensively cold worked.

The below video shows a 360-degree view of the work.

Dimensions (over-all): 24″L x 18.5″H x 9″D

Dimensions (horizontal piece): 18″L x 13″H x 4″D

Dimensions (vertical piece): 7″W x 18.5″H x 5″D 

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Senado glass sculpture back view
Katie Katz placing Senado glass sculpture

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