Tree Vase green color handblown glass

The Tree Vase is one of earliest hand blown glass vases that Bernard still makes to this day.

A view from a window inspired a theme that Bernard continued to explore through out his career.

This hand blown art glass vase has withstood the test of time, remaining a recognizable work of art from Bernard Katz Glass.

The Tree Vase is hand blown with two layers of color. The inside layer is a transparent color that fades towards the bottom of the vase. The dark outer layer of glass color has been sandblasted, leaving only the image of tree and branches.

shown in the jade color

size: 14″ tall

also available in sunset salmon, blue, gold topaz, and amethyst


Tree Vase gold topaz color hand-blown glass

Tree Vase in gold topaz

Tree Vase blue color hand-blown glass

Tree Vase in blue

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