There are many reasons why people buy art. But for the collector who is passionate about art, one reason looms large.

A collector always talks about the story or their “experience” of how they acquired a particular artwork.

These stories range from visiting an artist’s studio to stumbling upon a hidden gallery while traveling.

Why people buy art Alyson blowing glass

I watch and listen to collectors beam with emotion as they reminisce about how a particular artwork came into their lives… Sometimes never talking about the actual artwork. The artwork is important to them, but the “experience” they associate with the artwork is most important. It is what ties them to a moment in time.

Good or bad, it becomes their personal connection with the artwork. For the passionate collector, it is this experience that adds the most value to the artwork. And as an artist, I am always honored to be able to add an “experience” to someone’s life.

by Bernard Katz

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