Welcome to our video page


Videos have become a great way to show everything from our glass sculpture, the process of making our work, and the ‘behind the scenes’ at Bernard Katz Glass.


Our new video series, Glass Blowing Basics, is a ‘how to’ tutorial series of short videos that try to cover some of the questions about glass blowing when people that visit our studio or website ask. Each video, in this series, is meant to be short and only cover one particular aspect in the glass blowing process.


Upcoming videos and video series will include topics on related subjects like ‘cold working glass’, the grinding, polishing, and sandblasting processes we perform at our studio. Other topics we hope to include will be some of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ at Bernard Katz Glass. However, we will spare you from seeing a video on how we make coffee, unless you really, really want to know.

We hope you find these videos informative and even slightly entertaining! Feel free to let us know what you think and any suggestions for things you would like to see.