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Our blog is where Bernard writes about his influences, inspiration, and tips about glass and art. He writes about the creative process in making glass sculpture. His articles touch on various aspects of creativity and art. Along the way, Bernard answers many questions he has encountered as an artist, sculptor, and glass blower.

Is this piece perfect?

"Is this piece perfect?" This is a question people sometimes ask me when looking at one of my glass sculptures, vases, or bowls. I think I was most surprised the first time someone asked me that. I felt a little defensive... not because the piece was defective in any...

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When Craft becomes Art

In part one of Art vs. Craft; I rolled through some of the aspects for the term, “craft”. Good or bad, craft tends to rely more heavily on the mechanical end of the creative process – that is, the physical act of making something…

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Fine Art – Concept gives Longevity

I have been making what some people refer to as art glass and art glass sculpture for quite some time now. As an artist, sculptor, designer, and glass blower most of my life, I have seen and heard the word “art” used…

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Is it Art or Craft? – Does it Matter?

As the studio glass movement has matured, the debate over what is craft and what is art seems clearer. My perception of this divide has influenced my approach with sculpture and working with glass as a medium…

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Social Media – Art is not fast enough

I'm not sure if social media has a good or negative effect on art. A graphic design instructor once said to me, "To have effective advertising art, an eight year old should be able to figure out all the information in about five seconds." He then said, "Fine art is...

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Creating a personal narrative with art

When I engage with people as they looking at my glass work and sculpture, I find it interesting how quickly they will attach a personal experience to what they are looking at. This is great.  This is what I want.  Which is why, when asked, if the narrative they are...

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